• sidi med

    sidi med

  • mungunshagai



  • Ceyhun Kazel

    Ceyhun Kazel

    Founder of jeviz.com Amazon Search on Steroids!

  • Python Finance

    Python Finance

  • james njuguna nduati

    james njuguna nduati

    Software Engineer | AI | Machine Learning

  • Mohammad Azeem

    Mohammad Azeem

    I am an Engineering Leader at Microsoft, and this is my space for sharing some random musings on leadership, technology and life in general.

  • Shadrack Stephene Achilla

    Shadrack Stephene Achilla

    l am a natural resource scientist, l publish to make the world better place for all of us!!

  • Marc Guirand

    Marc Guirand

    Founder & Tech-enabled services entrepreneur at @deriskvc ... I also help early stage founders as a Fractional COO

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